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Candlelit Romance
Scott plans a special evening for Betty. (B/S, PG, 6 kb)

For All Time
Scott and Maple are doing a radio broadcast when they suddenly find themselves in the year 2000. Part three added August 24. (WIP, Maple/CJ, PG-13, 49 kb)

For Better, For Worse, For Revenge
Scott takes Hilary out for a friendly drink, and they come back...married?! (Scott/Hilary, PG-13, 31 kb)

Last Chance
CJ invites Doug out for some beers at O'Malley's. (CJ/Doug, PG, 12 kb)

Loving an Angel
It's a wartime Christmas, and Scott is overseas, leaving his fiancee Betty lonely. Will the holiday bring good news or bad for the couple? (Betty/Scott, PG, 8 kb)

Scott muses right after he is fired from WENN in "Who's Scott Sherwood?" (Scott vignette, G, 5 kb)

The author co-moderates two WENN lists.
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All characters belong to Rupert Holmes. AMC canceled them there, so they sacrified all ownership rights in this author's eyes. As it's become a standing disclaimer, the author wishes to apologize for killing a beloved character. On Christmas. Which is also when she posted it. Hey, anything to make people feel something! Hatred is a perfectly acceptable feeling and reaction.