Chasing Rainbows: Original Stories
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Original Stories

Last Journey
Dana Canton's guardian angel has given her a chance to to back to earth and solve her murder. It's the story behind the first poem on Through the Eyes of An Angel.(Character Death, PG-13, 13 kb)

Through the Eyes of An Angel
A series of poems depicting the deaths of certain people who will be given a chance to come back to Earth for a short time and wrap up their lives. Written as an assignment to rework the Canterbury Tales; these people's journey is to earth and heaven. (Character Deaths, PG-13, 11kb)

When Angels Cry
Grace, a 25 year old married to her childhood sweetheart, is diagnosed with cancer. How will Chris and their daughter cope? This is an OC version of the Buffy story. It has major structural changes, some characteristic adjustments, but it is basically the same. (Character Death, PG-13, 63 kb)

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