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"Once, when Emily had been very small, living with her father in the little old house at Maywood, where he died, she had started out to seek the rainbow's end. Over long wet fields and hills she ran, hopeful, expectant. But as she ran the wonderful arch was faded--was dim--was gone. Emily was alone in an alien valley, not too sure in which direction lay home. For a moment her lips quivered, her eyes filled. Then she lifted her face and smiled gallantly at the empty sky.

"There will be other rainbows," she said.

Emily was a chaser of rainbows."

(L.M. Montgomery, "Emily's Quest")

Well, as you can see, as of May 2000, my website has a name. : ) The above quote is what inspired it - it's a passage that has always 'haunted' me, ever since I first read it. Who is exactly is me? Read on!

Most people online call me Rina Stewart. That's not my real name, but it's one that I really like. : ) I'm 19 years old, as I was born May 11, 1981. You can get some descriptions of me from my Angel Headquarters stories, but I'm 5'3" with red hair and, you guessed it, brown eyes. *g* (Gotta love Van Morrison.) I'm a sophomore at University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, and my major is speech pathology. I want to work in an elementary school some day.

My favorite colors are blue and lavender. I love Ingrid Bergman roses, which are a deep velvety red. I like looking through catalogs, especially home decorating and baby catalogs, and mentally buying things.

My favorite shows are Buffy, X-Files, and Remember WENN. I usually watch Dawson, too, and I've been watching GH since I was born. I just don't like what Bob Guza has done to my show! For Buffy, I love Unconventional Couples, although I do like Willow and Tara. Willow/Giles is my favorite, however, even though I mostly write Willow/Xander stories. LOL I'm a huge 'shipper on the X-Files, and a Scott/Betty fan for WENN, even though I wrote the first ever Scott/Hilary story. *g* My favorite WENNer is CJ, because he's so much fun! I think he would have been wonderful with Maple.

I have a younger sister named Danielle, and a younger brother named Josh. They're both on-line, and Dani loves to watch Dawson, skateboard, and read my stories. Therefore, I have to love her. She's a fan! My favorite song is "David Duchovny" by Bree Sharp. If you haven't heard this wonderful, catchy, fun song, e-mail me immediately! I'll get you the words and a .wav or .ram file. Even my mother loves this song, and she is NOT an X-Phile. I also love Sarah McLachlan, and "Full of Grace" is my favorite from her. I can even play it on the piano now. LOL

I love to write, obviously, but reading is my first love. I'm a huge fan of the Anne of Green Gables series, and I think Gillian Roberts and Connie Willis are two of the best writers around. Everyone should read Ms. Willis' "To Say Nothing of the Dog." I also love Betty Smith, and the Harry Potter books.

My best friend Kristine and I run a service group called Gilliangels that does charity and service projects in honor of Gillian Anderson. Visit the Gilliangels website to learn more about it. It could be the group for you!

I love to chat, so feel free to e-mail me. And if you like one of my stories, TELL ME! I live on feedback. *giggle* Nothing makes my day brighter!!

Thanks for visiting! {{HUGS}}

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