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General Hospital

Friends and Lovers
After Brenda leaves Jax, she realizes that she loves him after all. But who's the myserty woman who's spending so much time with him? (J/B, PG, 22 kb)

Lost Loves
After Lucky's death, Taggert opens up to Dara about his past. (T/D, PG, 6 kb)

Somewhere, Somehow
A wedding should be a joyous occasion, but Lois knows that she and Ned can never be together, no matter how much they love each other. (N/L, Sonny/Brenda, PG, 7 kb)

Unexpected Love
Bryony Cummings comes to town with a big secret, but Jax doesn't care. He's fallen for the redhead. (J/other, PG-13, off site)

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