Chasing Rainbows: Through the Eyes of An Angel
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For my English class, I had to rewrite the Canterbury Tales. The journey for my people was coming back to Earth after being killed. Think "Ghost" or "Heart and Souls." These are basically prologues for each character.

Dedicated to Kristine, without whom these never would have been written. : )

Through the Eyes of an Angel

She kissed her mama goodnight
And stepped out into the moonlight.
I watched her tuck her hair behind her ear,
Without a clue she should be in fear.

She held her dress as he got the door.
It could be a study date or it could be more.
He walked around and love was in his eyes.
The years I've watched her reminds me how time flies.

Giggly chatter took up as they discussed life and love
While I kept afloat from my perch up above.
For I know that an angel has to watch to see
That everything that is to be really is to be.

The glow on her cheeks and her excited smile
Reminded me that their kind of love would never go out of style.
I followed the car, up streets and then right
To the library - like good students that night.

As the car slowed to a halt right at the entryway
She kissed him and grabbed the door like any other day.
My heart stopped in horror as I saw too late
This would not be a normal date.

She climbed out of the car, but did not know
Of the man behind her waiting to give the fatal blow
Without a sound, my voice did scream
At heaven, at angels, at her unfulfilled dream.

He hit her hard and then ran away,
If I weren't an angel, I'd make him pay.
The instant she hit the ground her boyfriend fell, too
Crying out, "Who did this to you?"
I saw him glance down the path at a shadow
But didn't want to leave her side to follow.
Then with a gasp and her very last breath,
She whispered "ILOVEYOU" and went to her death.


All she had was the clothes on her back
And everything she could stuff in her knapsack.
Her family's death left her with nowhere to go
And she wandered around in the cold winter snow.

With her head held up straight, I knew she'd survive.
Just because her family was dead didn't mean she couldn't be alive.
I followed her down the street to a store.
"I need work, sir," she did implore.

They all thought her too young, no work could be found,
Although jobs for the adults did so abound.
So she sat on the corner to decide what to do,
And it didn't come easy, her fate seemed so true.

Without a job, she couldn't be the woman her mama wished.
All she'd ever do was freeze and be banished.
I'd seen this before, but never so sad,
As the future of this one who would work so hard and have life so bad.

So with a lump in her throat and determination on her face,
She went to that home which everyone knew was a bad place.
Her heavy steps lead her down the back street
For she knew that this was the only way she could make ends meet.

I watched her knock and wished I could stop it.
This seemed the only way though, I must admit it.
The sleazy man answered the door
And looked her up and down from her head to the floor.

She offered her hand, and he pulled her inside,
Leered at her chest and smacked her backside.
She flinched and wanted to pull away
Until he reached in his pocket and gave her his pay.

And when it was done, she laid there with tears.
Her clothes were a mess and her mascara was in smears.
But she found a job that would put her through all of the schools,
Even though it meant sleeping with fools.

During the day, she went and was taught
And during the night, her body was sought.
She earned every penny and made me proud
As I watched down on her from above on my cloud.

But then to my horror, that night in the loft
As I listened to her, I heard her scream soft...
Then silent was she, for he didn't want to pay
For her services there, that night in the hay.


The baby was sleeping, her husband in bed
As she put on her makeup and a scarf on her head.
She poured herself coffee and made some toast
And for several moments, in the paper she was engrossed.

She started the car, backed out of the drive.
On her way to work, she thanked God for being alive.
She had her life, her job, her husband and child,
When she thought of them, she always smiled.

I watched her through cancer and her near demise,
Hours of tears and such close almost good-byes.
She was strong, though, and made a good fight,
Came back to her job and reported the news in the paper each night.

And before this time, she always knew she'd be like the writers.
She worked real hard and pulled all nighters.
Her studying was diligent and her work was complete,
She was honest through school without even one cheat.

Then finding a job was easy, because
Her hard work in school had earned her applause.
She worked in the mailroom, and worked to the top,
And worked so hard until her life made a flip-flop.

A regular doctor's appointment showed the possibility of cancer
And her husband held her hand while she waited for an answer.
It seemed she would need major treatment
And this made her hair fall out which used to be brilliant.

And when this ordeal was done,
Her life did then become her son
And I watched her sadness turn into joy
With the birth of this baby boy.

This brought color back to her cheeks
While she listened to baby shrieks.
She returned with great joy to her profession
And all this made her rejoice up to Heaven.

And this all sets the stage
For the worst of the outrage
Which would tear apart her dreams
And be the cause for more screams...

Her happy thoughts on her trip to work were cut short.
As the man in a hurry to get to the airport
Rammed her car up a ledge,
To always love her son she did pledge.
Although she wouldn't be with him, she knew,
He'd grow up as she wished him to.


They met when they were children
While living near the old town of Boston.
Together as best friends they did grow up,
Until in their lives there was a shake-up.

To a new state her family must go,
Her father insisted - though she said "NO!"
She did not want to leave her friend
But her parents said her heart would mend.

She cried buckets of tears and he kissed her goodbye
They promised to write and call and time would fly
Until they were old enough to make choices someday
To meet again - that would be the day.

The years passed by, but they didn't forget,
They knew their love was kismet.
Their fateful love, I watched over the miles
As they emailed their thoughts, prayers and smiles.

Finally, the day came when they were eighteen
And they had discussed love, life and everything between.
He was finishing school, and so was she
And they planned to be together, as soon as they were free.

He moved to her hometown, and a wedding they planned.
Never was there a happier couple in all the land.
They started their lives, so full of love,
And I watched over them, from above.

Into this love, a surprise came in:
Two happy babies, each one a twin.
These children sweet
Made their lives complete.

These children grew, every day bigger than the last,
But the lovers hadn't planned on a grim forecast.
I watched them as they planned their life
The children wanted a sibling, he told his wife.

They planned for another child.
Because while she was pregnant she smiled
And it made their lives together pure joy
To plan for one more little boy.

Her labor started, to the hospital they sped
In the birth room the doctor said, "You're almost there, I can see his head."
She sobbed out loud at the pain inside.
"It wasn't like this the first time," she cried.

Her heartbeat raced, and he clutched her hand.
Doctors raced, probed, and scanned.
This was not right, was the surmise.
And I knew then that this would be her demise.

The baby's first cry was weak but true,
And his mother began her fights anew.
Alas this was not to be,
And amid her family's tears, she quietly slipped away.


She tucked the lone curl behind her ear
The night was cold and full of fear.
Her nights behind the bar brought her joy
To listen to the stories of all of those in her employ.

She poured a margarita for the women
who sat amongst the group of men.
Her drink-making skills were world renowned,
They all enjoyed her fun, they found.

She laughed and joked and smiled a lot
And showed off the pictures of her cat Lovealot.
She was so proud of her cat to brag
As she wiped of the counter with a rag.

She loved to joke with each man who came in
For she believed that to waste a smile was a sin.
I watched her countless times as fights she broke up,
Picking up the chair pieces before closing up.

Each night she walked home in the dark,
Jumping at each and every bark
But rationalized because she such a short walk
And she held her key ready to put in the lock.

I watched her close, as she tempted fate
Each night on that walk home so late.
And she was safe, so sound and snug
Safe from those who dealt in drugs.

The danger here was not in the night
But those who wanted to hurt and fight.
That evening in the bar, she heard a commotion about
By two men, one tall, one stout.

A gun was brought out into view
And everyone panicked - didn't know what to do.
She yelled out quickly to put it away
But then it hit her - that bullet went astray.

It hit its mark in her heart so sweet
And gave her so little time, her life thoughts to repeat.
I watched her gasp for the last breath
"I loved him", she said, so close to death.

The wound was fatal, this I could see.
As she crumpled down onto her knees,
Everyone wondered who was this man of whom she did speak
In her last breath as she got so weak.
I knew the story, though they did implore
The husband she loved had died before.
And now she was gone, just like him
There in the bar, in the light so dim.

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