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Dawson's Creek

Mystery and Madness Part one
Agents Mulder and Scully are sent to Capeside to investigate a murder, and the gang is right in the middle of it. (M/S UST/RST, Dawson/Joey, Chris/Rita married, R, 31 kb)Written with Kristine Beeson.

Roslyn Woods
Dawson and Joey are assigned to research a portion of Capeside history, and Joey is horrified to learn that there is a ghost who wants her story told. (Sneak Preview offsite)

Something to Talk About
Dawson asks Joey to help him get into Jen's good graces, but realizes that sometimes the best things are right in front of you. (Dawson/Joey, PG, 15 kb)

With a Little Help
Guardian Angels Rina and Krissy decide to visit Capeside and help Pacey find true love. (AH #1, Pacey/Joey, PG, 9 kb)

You're Still the One
Pacey offers to help Joey make Dawson jealous, but is that really what Joey wants anymore? (Pacey/Joey/Dawson triangle, PG-13, 131 kb)

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All characters mentioned in each story, with the noted exception of those created by the author or Stu Segall (Chris and Rita), belong to Kevin Williamson and the WB. Unlike any other fandom the author writes for, no one died, so no apologies are necessary. Well, maybe for how long You're Still the One became. Or making Jen a psycho in Mystery and Madness. Hey, you can't please everyone, all right?